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The Distraction Agents from Third Angel

30 November, 2021

What happens when the Artistic Directors of a touring theatre company, who were brought on up logic problems, detective stories, Choose Your Own Adventure books, and lost many a teenage weekend to creating intricate and beautiful RPG maps, decide they just have to make a game..?

The Distraction Agents happens, that’s what!

The Department of Distractions, a clandestine organisation that claims its job is to plant stories in the world “to make life more interesting”, is on the search for new recruits… and they think YOU might be just what they need.

You caught our attention. You are special.“

Part game, part story, part puzzle, part invitation to engage in some distracting yourself, The Distraction Agents is perfect for anyone interested in puzzles, role playing games, board games, quizzes, urban legends, conspiracy theories, detective stories or escape rooms.


The Distraction Agents arrives first through the post, as a box of beautifully designed materials, all devised (and in some cases hand drawn) by the artistic team at Third Angel in Sheffield. An email follows, with links to exclusive online films from your new Distraction Agent colleagues, guiding you through the tasks and offering support and help to succeed in your quest to become an Agent.

Players have been saying

"It was lovely to have something to do that used our brains AND was fun.”

“I loved it - pure escapism, focus and classic problem solving that truly distracted me from the stress and anxiety of the outside world!”


What do you think? Could you be a Distraction Agent..?

On sale now, direct from Third Angel only, and stocks are limited – don’t miss out!

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