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Surprised Stare Games

11 November, 2020
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Surprised Stare Games

We design and publish games that people want to play again and again; games that are colourful and rich in theme and detail; games that are innovative and, most importantly, fun!

SSG is a small, independent game design and publishing company based in the UK. It was established by Alan Paull and Tony Boydell in 1999, so is currently having its 20th Anniversary!


Starting with Tony's spoof medieval card game, Coppertwaddle (2000), SSG has so far published an average of about 1 game per year. These include not only card games (Bloody Legacy, Fzzzt!, Lux Aeterna), but also expert board games (Tara Seat of Kings, Confucius, Snowdonia, Guilds of London), family games (Totemo, Ivor the Engine) and even miniatures wargames (Mission Command: Normandy). Recently, we have published our continuing small box Pocket Campaigns series, including The Cousins' War, The Ming Voyages and The March of Progress.

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Since 2002, we have attended every one of the Essen Spiel conventions, and have had a stand at every UK Games Expo, so you should be able to find us there, once COVID-19 has ended.

For The Ming Voyages (a solo and 2-player game designed by David J Mortimer and Alan Paull) and The March of Progress (a 2-player card game by Alan Paull), we ran our very first Kickstarter early in 2020 with our partners Frosted Games and 2Tomatoes Games.

The campaign was successful and the games are available to buy now in English, French, German and Spanish.

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Find out more and keep in touch with Surprised Stare Games.

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