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SJ Games vs. the Secret Service

3 March, 2020

It was 30 years ago this month when Steve Jackson Games was raided by the American Secret Service.

This isn't what you'd normally expect to happen to a hobby games company!

To modern gamers or even cinema goers, the concept of Cyberpunk, GURPS or a website (back then a bulletin board) entitled Illuminati are fairly standard... But at that time these publications were taken out of context and all materials relating to them, including computers, manuscripts etc., were taken out of the offices of Steve Jackson Games!

For the full story, the court case wins and their video remembering this, have a look here.


30 years later we are very pleased Steve Jackson games has thrived to offer some incredible gaming titles and to sponsor this year's Children's Roleplaying Zone where youngsters from age 7 top 12 can play a variety of games including SJ Games 'The Fantasy Trip".

If you'd prefer your adventures to be more armchair and to stay on the table top, then you'll also be pleased to know that the UK Games Expo Roleplaying Games will be live to buy after 15th March.