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Robot-building card game BOTS UP tumbles onto Kickstarter

15 September, 2020
Bots Up Game

Robot-building card game BOTS UP tumbles onto Kickstarter on September 15th

Bots Up: The Bot Battling Card Game has kicked off its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Bots Up is the debut project from graphic designer couple Matt and Rosie Parrish.

In Bots Up, between 2-5 players will compete to build a robot out of spare part cards, and battle against your opponents until one creation reigns supreme.

Each game of this cute and colourful spin on robot wars lasts around 20 minutes and is easy to pick up for players of all ages.

Bots Up Game

So, how does it work? Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect from a round of Bots Up:

  • At the start, players draw spare part cards of different strengths until they have a complete (and almost certainly wacky-looking) bot.
  • They then proceed to rounds of swaps and upgrades in preparation for battle, before proudly displaying their mismatched droid on the table for all to behold.
  • The battle phase involves drawing and playing Battle Cards, which can among other things damage your opponents’ bots, heal and strengthen your own, spy on another player’s hand, and much more...
  • Players continue to trade blows, turning part cards over when their health falls to zero.
  • The winner is crowned when one bot remains with any live parts!

Games are guaranteed to provide a few laughs, although don’t blame us if the twists and betrayals of your fellow players cause any family rifts!

Bots Up goes live on Kickstarter on September 15th 2020, with a pledge of just £16 securing a copy of the core game.

Bots Up Game
Bots Up Game