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Return to the Arena – Kickstarter Campaign Launches February 25th, 2020

19 February, 2020

Following the successful launch of Radiant: Offline Battle Arena in October 2019, Heel Turn Games, one of UK Games Expo's exhibitors, is proud to announce the next wave of products for Radiant: Offline Battle Arena.

Coming to Kickstarter on February 25th, 2020.

"2020 will see the release of two new expansions: The Haunting of Dun Cruach and Wardens of White Forest as well as Radiant: Champion Edition.

Champion Edition is a complete collection of every Radiant product released to date – including the two new expansions.

Champion Edition is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to discover why Geek & Sundry called Radiant: Offline Battle Arena “The ultimate MOBA for your tabletop!”

To find out more about all the incredible content we’ve got heading your way, read on!"

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