Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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Phase Shift Games New to Expo and New Associate Sponsors

18 July, 2020
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UK Games Expo is very pleased to welcome Phase Shift Games from across the pond as their first time as associate sponsors and also at an Expo.

We caught up with them to see what their plans are for the Virtually Expo

"Phase Shift Games was stoked to hold our world-wide launch of Dungeon Drop at UKGE this year!

While that was not possible, we’re equally excited to sponsor Virtually Expo and have the opportunity to meet and play games with you all through digital means!"

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"We’ve organized many fun events through our stand at Virtually Expo.

We’ll livestream games of Dungeon Drop, as well as two other exciting projects that will be unveiled for the first time during Virtually Expo! We’ll also hold interactive panels and Q&A sessions, and we’ll even host some games of Dungeon Drop on Tabletop Simulator.

What’s Dungeon Drop? It’s an “Instant Dungeon with Infinite Possibilities!” Dungeon Drop is a “drop-style” dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players, playable in 15-20 minutes.

You’ve never experienced a dungeon romp like this! #DungeonDrop is available now at

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We’re sad we cannot meet you all in person, but we’ve worked hard to make the most of this great opportunity through Virtually Expo. Thanks to the UKGE team for organizing this, and we can’t wait to talk and play games with you all soon!"

Connect with @PhaseShiftGames on any or all of these platforms:


Facebook group:



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