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Pandasaurus New Comers and Supporting Sponsors

10 February, 2020

UK Games Expo is very excited to welcome newcomers to the show Panadsaurus Games, who have chosen to be a supporting sponsor for 2020.

Here's what they had to say:

"Pandasaurus Games is positively brimming with excitement about UK Games Expo 2020. Not only is this our first year exhibiting at the show, but we are also show sponsors!

After attending the show as fans last year, we were overwhelmed by the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd and immediately knew that we needed to come back with a major presence the next year.

2020 has a lot in store for Pandasaurus and we will be showing off some incredible new titles debuting exclusively at UK Games Expo!

Godspeed is our big box, strategy game release that will be available for retail purchase for the first time ever at the con.

Godspeed is set in an alternate history where the space race was a cover up for the discovery of a habitable planet.

Come see why the game play in this innovative take on worker placement and bidding is something truly special. This title is one of our biggest releases of the year and UK Games Expo is the con to see it first. Check Godspeed out here.

Godspeed Box_Pandasaurus20190904_as_443.jpg

Sonora will also be lighting up the hallways in Birmingham. This is the first “Flick and Write” game. Dexterity becomes key in this charming new take on a roll and write. Think Cronkinole meets your favourite roll and write. It’s an absolute blast. Check out Sonora here.

There will also be a title we are so beyond thrilled about we can barely stand it. It hasn’t even been announced. But trust us, it’s awesome. And gamers and families are going to want to grab a copy on the spot.

Thanks UK, we will see you in May!"

Make sure you visit the Pandasaurus stand at the Expo and if you cant wait have a look at their website here.