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Open Gaming with Game Toppers at UKGE

14 June, 2021
Game Toppers sponsor Open Gaming at UKGE.

Open Gaming with Game Toppers at UKGE

There is always a need for space to just sit down, get out a game and get playing.

With more Open Gaming spaces than any other UK convention (and quite a few international conventions) UKGE is delighted to welcome Game Toppers as sponsors of the Open Gaming space.

Game Toppers have provided high quality, neoprene table topper game mats to enhance your Open Gaming experience.

These brightly coloured Expo and Game Toppers co-branded mats make it easy to see where the Open Gaming is situated and are a great surface for any table top game.

Game Toppers Kickstarter

"Game Toppers not only transforms your existing table into a high quality gaming solution, they now offer Full Leg Kits and dining cover solutions for the full table application.  Paired with their amazing thematic, premium stitched Edge Game Mats, Collapsible Cupholders and really cool accessories, it really is a complete system that UPGRADES EVERY GAME YOU PLAY! You can still late pledge and take advantage of special Topper packages and over 55 unlocked stretch goals." Kevin "Burky" Burkhardsmeier, President- Game Toppers LLC

There is more space for open gaming at the UK Games Expo than at any other UK convention and more than most shows worldwide.

This year the Open Gaming Space will be in Hall 3, NEC.

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