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Mythic Games: Supporting sponsors of the Expo 2020.

23 February, 2020

UKGE welcomes back Mythic Games as Supporting Sponsors of Expo 2020.

"Mythic Games is delighted to come back to UK Games Expo, one of the fastest growing tabletop gaming conventions globally!

Exhibiting and supporting UKGE surely is one of the highlights of our year and we can't miss this wonderful interaction with the UK crowds!

Debuts and Demos:

This year at UKGE, Mythic Games will be debuting its sales with a full game!

Reichbusters: Project Vril will hit our shelves and you will be able to work together to fight everything from Aliens and Mutants to the spawns of weird science!

Choose your team, customise your load out and head into the heart of the Nazi Reich to put an end to the Vrilmeisters and their monstrous Vril experiments.

Logo Mythic Games Black.jpg

Superbrawl demos and secret kickstarter

Also available to demo will be Super Fantasy Brawl, the ultimate Arena Brawler!

Assemble the greatest team of fantasy Champions and go head-to-head on an effort to become the winner of the Super Brawl!

And a secret KS project will be available to demo! Can you guess what it is?

Time for a giveaway!

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