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Mini Express expansion launching on Kickstarter in June

2 May, 2022

The Mini Express expansion Map Pack 1 & 2 will be launched on Kickstarter in June!

Mini Express combines simple mechanics with deep strategic player interactions. Our first campaign for the base game in 2020 was very successful with over 1800 backers, and we will be returning to Kickstarter again soon for not one, but two Map Packs with four Full-Sized Maps containing exciting new rules and extra components by experienced train game designers Tony Boydell (UK Map) and Hisashi Hayashi (JP Map).

Sign up here to get notifed when we launch, and you will also receive a FREE Perk when you make a pledge on Kickstarter.

Everyone at Moaideas Game Design is excited to bring these expansions to your table, and we hope you'll join us for launch this summer! With the help of awesome people like you, we can make Map Pack 1 & 2 into the best expansion possible for Mini Express.

Play Right Now!


Play with friends over the internet!

We have started using Tabletop Simulator for our in-house playtests, and it is easy to make it available for you with a few extra clicks! Check them out on Steam here: TW Map / UK Map

Note: All players need to own TTS to play over the internet. Local play only requires one copy of TTS for all player counts.


Build your own PnP maps!

Nothing beats the experience of handling wooden train tokens on the map. We provide full-color and ink-saving PDF files for you to choose from.

Download them here (G-Drive)

Note: You will need a copy of the Mini Express base game to play.

Stay safe and keep gaming!