Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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Merchandise: The Precious Things...

9 July, 2020
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Merchandise: The Precious things...

A new horde for the Expo Dragon!

We are very pleased to announce that merchandise for Virtually Expo is now on sale here.

Our 2020 Dragon has been expertly adjusted by the very talented Ralph Horsely to include a more topical approach to hoarding this year...

Can you spot what our Dragon has got stashed away?

We have on sale a range of goodies available including the stylish Expo T-shirt with 2020 Dragon on, in all possible long as those colours are black.

We also have this year's badge and previous year's badges, as well as a range of gaming essentials from the Gamer pack to water bottles and of course dice trays and bags.

Get your merchandise here....and maybe earn an achievement badge...

Who's keen on grabbing Expo merchandise?