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Meet the Dungeon Drop family of “drop-style” tabletop games!

6 August, 2020
Phase Shift Games Dungeon Drop

Dungeon Drop

Dungeon Drop was the premier drop-style game that launched on Kickstarter in 2019, raising over $250k USD. Dungeon Drop is special in the way it allows you to create truly unique dungeon in every game by simply dropping a pile of cubes onto the table.

As its tagline aptly suggests, Dungeon Drop offers an instant dungeon with infinite possibilities!

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Phase Shift Games Dungeon Drop

Dropped Too Deep

Following their initial print run of 25,000 copies, Phase Shift Games is now working on a couple spin-off projects.

The first is a recently announced expansion for Dungeon Drop, entitled “Dropped Too Deep,” coming to Kickstarter on October 6th.

Dropped Too Deep will introduce several new mechanics and game modes, while keeping true to the game’s sense of charm and simple rules core.

See it live, for the first time ever, at Virtually Expo!

Phase Shift Games Drop Drive

Drop Drive

Also in the works is the spiritual successor to Dungeon Drop, set in the far reaches of infinite space.

Drop Drive is another drop-style game akin to Dungeon Drop, but one that plays entirely different.

Where Dungeon Drop is a simple loot-grabbing dungeon crawler at its core, Drop Drive is more of a pickup-and-deliver game, combined with unique galaxy generation and an innovative spaceship navigation mechanic.

Coming to Kickstarter in 2021!

See it live, for the first time ever, at Virtually Expo!

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