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Magnate the First City - last 26 hours on Kickstarter

11 December, 2019

Magnate is being kickstarted by Naylor Games one of the UK Games Expo's exhibitors.

According to convention planner tool Tabletop Together, Magnate was the most highly anticipated game by a new publisher at this year’s UKGE. After receiving a string of very favourable reviews (including Space Biff!) for its innovative gameplay and impressive table presence, Magnate hit its goal in less than 6 hours when it launched at the end of last month.

Now, having unlocked a string of stretch goals (including KS exclusive content), the campaign is almost over. But with less than 26 hours left there’s still time to back it!

Magnate features:  

  • 50+ realistic 3D building miniatures
  • 60-120 min playtime
  • Tense, highly interactive competitive gameplay
  • Variable ‘market crash’ based on player actions
  • Advanced rules for even more replayability and challenge
  • Robust AI that can be used at any player count

Magnate: Build a city. Make a fortune.