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Ludorati™ New to Expo and new as Supporting Sponsors

1 August, 2020
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UKGE Welcomes Ludorati™ both new to Expo and new as Supporting Sponsors:

"Ludorati™ is pleased to be a supporting sponsor and exhibitor of UK Games Virtual Expo 2020.

Ludorati™ is one of the UK’s premier boardgame cafes, based in Nottingham.

Having opened in 2016 located near the Castle. Ludorati™ is currently expanding its franchise and took another step recently with the launch of its online store ( ) and Ludorati app".

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The store was launched in conjunction with its digital membership together with the Ludorium Profiler – Ludorati’s advanced recommendation engine designed to assist gamers in choosing the best games to play/purchase based on their ‘gameplay’ profile.

Details can be found on the store website.

The Profiler is currently in beta version.

Digital membership enables members to enjoy 20% discount off RRP all-year round (UK national delivery available shortly).

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The planned LudoratiLive! Events that were scheduled to start around the UK, earlier this year, have been postponed until 2021 due to the Covid situation.

LudoratiLive! Events are designed to bring the Ludorati™ experience and brand locally given Ludorati’s growing national membership.

Ludorati™ will soon be announcing details of its planned new game portfolio under its Ludorati™ Design Factory label.

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Connect with Ludorati:


Facebook page

The Ludorati app is freely available from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Don't forget to check out their stand in the Virtual Trade Hall.

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