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Kosmos first time Associate Sponsors

17 July, 2020
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Virtually Expo welcomes Kosmos Games UK

UK Games Expo welcomes new Associate Sponsors Kosmos Games to Virtually Expo.

Kosmos Games's familiar blue logo is well known at UK Games Expo, this is what they had to say:

"Kosmos Games UK are proud to be sponsoring Virtually Expo this year.

The UKGE is the highlight of our games conference calendar as we enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and play lots of games.

When we heard that the expo team were going virtual, we were determined to stand behind them 100% and do whatever we could to ensure that 2020 goes down as a brilliant UKGE!"

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"We will miss having a stand full of playing tables and Kosmos designers, but this year we are filling up our virtual stand with an international smorgasbord of fun and interesting content.

We have a Q&A with the lead editor of Kosmos, Wolfgang Luedtke, who will be explaining about his role at Kosmos and answering some rather unusual questions!

Feel free to send us some questions, if you have any".

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"We will also have some tongue in cheek, mainly silly videos from a selection of our favourite reviewers, and we will be showcasing the marvellous Luzapalooza/TGIB team who will be running a live playthrough of My City on Friday 21 July at 4pm that everyone can join in!

Of course, we will have a selection of Kosmos and Devir games to play on our site and much, much more..."

Look out for more information about the Kosmos events nearer the time on our virtual stand as well as on our social media sites @kosmosgamesuk and our website:"

Keep in touch with Kosmos and find out more her:

Kosmos Games UK website

Facebook : @kosmosgamesuk

Twitter: @kosmosgamesuk

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