Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Join the fight for Tokyo – with Cy-Gull, the UK promo monster!

19 August, 2020

Join the fight for Tokyo – with Cy-Gull, the UK promo monster!

Play as mutant monsters, gigantic robots and other monstrous creatures, rampaging the city and vying for position as the one and only King of Tokyo!

Image from Board Game Shot

(Image from Board Game Shot)

Combine your dice to gather energy, heal your monster or just slap the other monsters down!

Spend your energy to trigger permanent or one-shot special powers: a second head, body armor, nova death ray…

Stop at nothing to become the King of Tokyo… but that’s when the real trouble begins for you!

The fiercest monster will occupy Tokyo, and earn extra victory points, but you can’t heal and must face all the other monsters alone!


With Cy-Gull on your side, you’ll be sure to be the last one standing!

This limited-edition UK promo monster thinks nothing of stealing your sea-side fish and chip van - nothing is safe when Cy-Gull is around!

To get your hands on this UK exclusive, you’ll need to take part in one of the demos being run throughout the Virtually Expo weekend on the IELLO booth.

The schedule will be announced soon – are you ready to join the fight?