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Japanime Games is excited to once again return to the UK Games Expo!

12 August, 2020
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Japanime Games is excited to once again return to the UK Games Expo! 2020 has been an amazing year for us and bringing games to market.

We’ve released Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade, Tanto Cuore’s 10th Anniversary Edition blew us away, we’ve started production on Testament, a cooperative dungeon crawling experience inspired by MMOs, specifically FF14, on Kickstarter in February.

Now,we’re going back to Kickstarter with Tokyo Sidekick!

Fans of My Hero Academia will feel right at home on the streets of Tokyo giving their all to save Tokyo from the Menace and bring peace to the people!

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As we approach the UK Games Expo, we can't help but get utterly excited about all the new releases that have launched and will be launching this year!

We're waiting with bated breath for your stories of success and those of near-victory as success slips from your grasp as you play Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade or engage in epic struggles with Kamigami Battles brawling for supremacy having picked up one of FOUR NEW EXPANSIONS!

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From being the directors of a harem anime in Love Battle! High School to constructing a mecha and battling against alien forces in Core Connection, Japanime Games has the anime-inspired games and best games from Japan just for you.

We have had great success securing and publishing games with specific intellectual properties because the quality and gameplay of our games is top-notch.

To ensure you never miss out on hearing about these amazing games join our Mailing List today!

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We've got all these games and more to bring into your life this year!

Visit us at booth 2-102 to see everything we have to offer.

Just bring yourself and be ready to have fun and we'll get you ready to take on whatever comes next!