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Introducing the new Hansa Teutonica Big Box!

4 August, 2020
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Major Sponsors Pegasus Spiele introduce the new Hansa Teutonica Big Box!

In 2009, Hansa Teutonica, by designer Andreas Steding, was released at Essen SPIEL, quickly finding a home on the shelves of Euro-gamers worldwide. But its rise to popularity, as well as one man’s career in the games industry, was in many ways a lucky happenstance. At least, according to Klaus Ottmaier, Head of Publishing at Pegasus Spiele.

The story begins with a young Klaus working for a small game store in Cologne which was also handling distribution for publisher Argentum Verlag. He soon became involved in testing prototypes as the publisher hunted for the perfect SPIEL release.

An exciting opportunity came when he had the chance to review some titles that had recently won an authors’ competition at a local gaming club. Though many of these games had already been claimed by other publishers, there was one, called “Wettstreit der Händler,” that caught his eye. It was a light Euro-style game themed around trade guilds featuring multiple paths to victory, a focus on strategic flexibility, and a unique mechanic for displacing opponents that Klaus had never seen before, or in any game since.

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Klaus spent the rest of the year fine-tuning the game and working closely with Andreas and illustrator Dennis Lohausen to transform it into the Hansa Teutonica we all know and love.

Now, Hansa Teutonica is back and better than ever in the new Hansa Teutonica Big Box!

This new edition from Pegasus Spiele masterfully combines the classic base game with its two expansions and updated gameplay, all while retaining the elegant mechanics and seemingly inexhaustible re-playability that made it such a favorite. In stores October 2020!

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