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Inside the Box Sponsorship Annoucement

23 November, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Inside the Box Games are joining as Major Sponsors of UK Games Expo for 2022. It has been exciting to see this company grow in just a few years from attending its first expo with a small starter stand to becoming a major partner in creating next year's show. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for the event and what they are bringing for gamers to enjoy.

Peter Blenkharn CEO of Inside the Box Games told us why he was becoming a Major Sponsor in 2022. This is what he told us:

Inside the Box owes a great deal of its early and continued success to both UKGE the event and UKGE the people. We found the core audience for Statecraft leading to our first big Kickstarter success after taking a starter stand at Expo, and that same year signed up Sub Terra after the Wyvern's Lair event. Since then, UKGE has been the main event in our year, both as a celebration of what we've done and as the best opportunity for us to share our newest games and ideas.
The team at Expo have always had our backs, and have gone above and beyond in every possible way to support us professionally and personally over the years to help us grow and learn. There are very few people who would do so much, so consistently for so many. UKGE is an amazing event, run by even more amazing people. They've always believed in us, and what we want to achieve, so it's an absolute honour to have the opportunity to sponsor Expo, and contribute to the best event in tabletop!

We thank Peter for his words and his sponsorship. Watch out for more details and annoucements about Inside the Box Games at UK Games Expo in coming months.

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