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HeidelBÄR Games also becomes supporting sponsors 2020

5 March, 2020

UK Games Expo is delighted to welcome again German company HeidelBÄR GAMES as supporting sponsors. They are already sponsors of the First Timer's Guide! This is what they have to say:

"We at HeidelBÄR Games are fully supportive of UK Games Expo in 2020 and are – even as a first time publisher ourselves – have directly become double sponsor of Englands best board gaming show. Not only helping other first time visitors with extra information to find their way along but also be a supporting sponsor too!


The UK Games Expo is our first show to attend as a publisher of English language games.

The hot cookie of our games is indeed hot: SPICY is a card game where you have to bluff your way to victory.

Based on simple gaming rules, but twisted masterfully with the right amount of herbs to make it SPICY – you have to experience this little card game, that has become one of the medias most favourite small games already in 2020.

So get a taste of the lavish and luxury golden card game yourself!


At the show in 2020 we will also have our family friendly scrabble game WORDSMITH and the awesome brand new guessing game DECIPHER with us!

Both based on scrambled letters, our so called Letter Piece Alphabet, you can enjoy the excitement of solving riddle words given in DECIPHER or be creative and fast at making up words in WORDSMITH!


Remember SPICY? When it’s too hot , you can also use it to either cook in our dexterity game A LA CARTE or went off some steam in the robot fighting game VOLT!

Not enough for you: Have a look at our befriended Italian company Horrible Guild (The Kings Dilemma) right next to us, which will give you some of the best game designs ever.

In any case, join us for some new BEARness in the family focused Hall 2 at UK Games Expo 2020!"

For more BEARness before Expo have a look at their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.