Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Get your game play tested or pitched to publishers

17 May, 2021
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Do you want your game play tested or pitched to publishers?

UKGE's Publisher Designer Track is designed to get fledgling designers help and advice as well as the opportunity to get their game made into a reality.

This year will again be running a series of events for anyone interested in designing a game.

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Get it playtested and help playtest at UKGE 2021 are the friendly, helpful and keen group who meet regularly all around the country and also run the Playtest Zone at Expo.

If you have a board game or card game prototype that you want to playtest at UK Games Expo then visit Playtest UK to book your slot. The registration link will be live later in May.

The Playtest Zone is open to anyone wanting to be a playtester and give feedback on fledgling games. This may be your chance to see the next big game and talk to the designer before it becomes famous! Playtesting is very much art of the UKGE experience.

Find out more information about playtesting at Expo here.

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Get your game in front of publishers this July.

The Publisher/Designer Speed Dating Event is designed to allow people with a decent prototype game to pitch their game to various publishers at the show.

This is done in a form of a speed dating evening and is an opportunity for invited games designers to pitch their game to publishers during two 90 minute sessions. Designers will see a different publisher every 5 minutes.

Each session will comprise of 12 pitches. There will be a short break in the middle.

Find out more and apply for the speed dating here.