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Get your children roleplaying

14 April, 2020

Welcome to the wonderful world of running RPG’s for children.

Richard Law who runs the Children's RPG Zone at Expo each year has put together his rules and a few scenarios to help you run sessions for children and give them a taste of their first roleplaying games. He has kindly shared those here.

"The game contained in the document below has been developed over the last ten years at The UK Games Expo. It is designed to be run in a convention setting with each game taking just under an hour to run, including explaining the rules.

It has been designed to be a first taste of playing an RPG. The hope has always been that players in these games graduate to more advanced systems once they grasp the basic rules contained within.

Along with the basic rules, I will also be including character sheets, some monster stat blocks and some of the past adventures me and my team have run at the UK Games Expo over the last ten years.

In these difficult times, it’s important that you stay home and keep everyone safe; I have provided 5 character sheets, but this game will play just as well with one or two players.

Please keep your social distance and only play with people in your household or in larger groups using online software".

Download the Children's RPG rules here.