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Get your ALL-ACCESS PASS | November 16th-22nd

9 November, 2020
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Get your ALL-ACCESS PASS | November 16th-22nd


Ready to pitch your new toy or game idea to some of the biggest names in the industry including Mattel, Hasbro, Spin Master, Goliath and PlayMonster?

How about learning the secrets of success from industry leaders and legends?

Or network and collaborate with colleagues you haven’t spoken to in months!

Join us at CHITAG Presents People of Play Week! It all kicks off Monday, November 16th with a virtual line-up of workshops, awards and entertainment geared to the whole industry, not just inventors.

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Toy & Game International Innovation Summit

○ 35 panels and almost 200 speakers cover a wide range of topics including creating new IP, promoting your brand, best practices for pitching and much more.

Toy & Game International Excellence Awards (TAGIEs)

○ Grab your favorite drink and toast your fellow industry colleagues at the 13th annual TAGIE Awards, which recognize outstanding achievement in the toy and game industry. Catch a preview here!

POP’s Got Talent

○ Hosted by brothers Robert and David Fuhrer of Nextoy, LLC and BlueSquare Innovations respectively, POP’s Got Talent features an eclectic group of performers.


○ Spanning 8 virtual stages including the unveiling of the Young Inventor Challenge winners on center stage, there’s entertainment for everyone.

NEW! 1 Year Membership to the POP Database

○ Grow your business with this one-of-a-kind networking platform just for the toy and game industry. Think LinkedIn + IMDb + Tinder all-in-one.

Register today! We hope to see you there!