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21 December, 2020
Game and geek Marketplace


Missing the feel of a face-to-face convention where the trader takes the time to sell you their product or you just browse the floor for that must-have item?

Well, with COVID-19 shutting up shops and conventions, we thought it would be great to find a way to connect geek and gaming customers to traders.
A lot of virtual cons just give you a chance to post a website link. You can't showcase your product.

For the Game and Geek Virtual Market Place, customers and traders alike join the Group — like signing up for a convention.

Want to sell awesome things?
If you want a stall, message us and explain what you sell. A link to a store or products helps. We're open to traders of all sizes; there's no charge for a stall.
We vet requests before we issue a stall number.

Like attending a physical convention, a compelling stall needs variety. The Group allows a stall holder to post a daily offering—to focus on a single item or group of products—and really sell it.

It isn't a place to just post adverts. We're trying to recreate the experience of being at an event and seeing new and exciting product all around.

We moderate all posts. Stallholders post links and pictures, with pricing, and pitch the item to the customers.

Want to buy cool stuff?

Customers can purchase directly or through a link. If a customer is looking for something, they can post under the announcements.

Fil Baldowski and Lydia English moderate the Group.

We're growing fast, so we might need volunteers!

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