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Four Gardens and Fruit Picking go Online

28 July, 2020
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Four Gardens

Four Gardens and Fruit Picking go Online

Korea Boardgames presents online versions of Four Gardens and Fruit Picking during UK Games Expo 2020.

The initial release of both hard copy versions was in June.

Social distancing has brought major limitations to traditional modes of gathering, and with the steady growth of online markets, the need to adapt has affected both gamers and publishers alike.

Fruit picking game

Four Gardens is a euro game with set collection and hand management features that bring variance to gameplay.

The visually prominent 3D pagoda lays the groundwork for a fun East Asian themed strategy game that can be enjoyed in a fast paced 2 player game or an aggressive 3-4 player game. Players create their gardens by connecting card artworks into beautiful panoramas.

For gamers with a simpler taste, Fruit Picking is an excellent alternative. Each player is a fruit farmer who plants seeds and sells fruit. They plant seeds mancala style and defeat their competition by selling specific sets of fruit. This game is compact and includes a single player solitaire version. Standard and variant rules exist for 2-4 player gameplay.

Korea Boardgames develops primarily family level games and distributes games in over 50 countries internationally.

Online versions of Four Gardens and Fruit Picking are now available for free on Tabletopia.

English tutorials are available on the KBG Publishing channel on YouTube.

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