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Final Hours for Evil Genius' Kickstarter!

17 June, 2022

Did you ever want to live forever? Pilot a Jaeger through the Pacific Rim? How about befriending the Mighty Kong. Well, now you can. The Everyday Heroes RPG is now 2,000% oversubscribed o Kickstarter with only a few days left before the project ends.


Invest in this revamp of the Classic d20 Modern. Play the 6 iconic archetypes. 18 classes, along with a plethora of backgrounds and professions, allowing you to create any kind of modern action hero, from a gun-toting Marksman to a fist-swirling Brute or a detail-obsessed Mastermind.

Jump into any of the 8 campaign settings sitting on top of the Everyday Rules system. This includes Pacific Rim, Kong Skull Island, The Crow, Rambo, Highlander, Escape from New York, Total Recall, and Universal Soldier.


Back this project and get a wealth of freebies:

  • Officially Licensed Crow mini
  • Officially Licensed Rambo mini
  • Limited Edition Brute Class mini
  • A customized dice set.
  • 4-part GM Screen

So what are you waiting for, back us today!

See below for more information.