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Exit 23 Games are the UK home to Turbo Dork paints and Relicblade.

26 July, 2021
EXIT 23 Games

Exit 23 Games are the UK home to Turbo Dork paints and Relicblade; The Skirmish Adventure Game.

Turbo Dork Paints:

Started by a mad artist in his Los Angeles Arts District loft, Turbo Dork is the culmination of years of testing and development. They have gone through hundreds of pigments and formulations to bring you what we think are some of the coolest, most show stopping-est, paints around. They are the new kids on the paint block, ready or not here they come.

Relicblade The Skirmish Adventure Game:

Relicblade is a dynamic miniature skirmish game set hundreds of years after the apocalypse of a mythic age. Enter this strange realm as a Seeker, a powerful extra-planar being. Use your influence to gather great heroes or powerful monsters to your cause. Delve into the vast ruins of the ancient world to claim your destiny!

Check out our range and bring some colour to your tabletop games!

You can find Exit 23 games on their website here: