Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
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Exhibitor Spotlight: Warhammer

30 April, 2022

The UK’s largest tabletop games convention is nearly upon us – yes, it’s the UK Games Expo 2022. The premier event in the tabletop calendar runs between the 3rd and the 5th of June, and the Warhammer studio has packed up its paints and lined up a slate of cool events for Warhammer-loving attendees from far and wide.


What’s more, we’ll also preview some of the other gaming events coming up in the UK and beyond.

Friday: Underworlds Clash

Warhammer events kick off at the Expo with a series of clashes across the many labyrinths of Warhammer Underworlds. Players can bring any warband and board currently allowed by the Championship Format rules.

Attendees can expect to play three games, with the ultimate winner being crowned Clash Champion. If you think you have what it takes – or you just want to make friends and sharpen your tactics – pick up your ticket on the UK Games Expo website.


Saturday: Kill Team Tournament

Saturday heralds the arrival of the Kill Team Tournament. Simply bring along your Kill Team roster and the relevant accessories and prepare to outfox your foes in this three-game event.

Check out the website to buy your ticket and view a full checklist of everything you will need to bring with you.


Of course, the UK Games Expo is not all fun and games – it’s also fun and painting. Whether you’re colouring your first model, introducing a friend to the hobby, or are an experienced painter looking to unwind, you can visit our Paint and Take stand.


Choose from a pre-primed Primaris Space Marine or a Stormcast Eternal and give it a fresh lick of paint with a wide range of Citadel paints and brushes available on site. You’ll even be able to take your miniature home with you!

The Forge World store returns this year, allowing you to pre-order items online for immediate collection on site, or simply do a cheeky bit of browsing. If you’ve been eyeing up that Warlord Titan but don’t want it delivered by post, now is the time to seize the resin.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Warhammer event without some exclusive miniatures, either


The UK Games Expo 2022 is another opportunity to pick up this year’s event-exclusive Warhammer miniatures, so if you’ve been clamouring for the Company Champion or waiting for Mugruk da Watcha, now is your chance. These miniatures will only be on offer during events held in 2022, so there won’t be too many opportunities to get them.