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Exhibitor Spotlight: Seajay Games

20 April, 2022

Seajay Games is a new publisher with this first release this year at the UKGE, "Galactic Era", an epic space empire builder about darkness and light.

Galactic Era aims bring new and innovative features to the space 4X genre. One of these is its alignment system, where you can choose to play your faction, called "star people", either on the dark or light side, with the appropriate consequences. Players on the light side play more peacefully while those on the dark side can be as aggressive as they want. You can also switch during the game. Both sides play equally well.

Further unusual features are: diceless combat, fog of war, and technology trading.

There are five technology fields you can level up in: Military, Spirituality, Propulsion, Robotics and Genetics. They present an interesting dilemma, because the highest levels are extremely powerful, but also hard to reach. You can usually only do it in one technology.

The game also includes a detailed and rich backstory, based on the many claims of those who supposedly have interacted with UFOs and extraterrestrials.

For more info on the game, go here:

You can visit our stand to try it out!