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Exhibitor spotlight: Ronin 47 and Puzzle Card

24 July, 2021
Puzzle Card
Puzzle Card

Puzzle Card: Stand 2-976

Try the latest escape room inspired birthday card in 'Escape from Dinosaur Island' from Puzzle Card!

Dinosaurs are on the loose and you must follow the clues in order to restore power to the security fences! The perfect birthday card for dinosaur or puzzle lovers.

Puzzle Card will be launching the dinosaur themed card at UKGE on stand 2-976 alongside the existing range of puzzling birthday cards. Come along and visit the team or to check out the full Puzzle Card range now, by visiting:


Ronin 47 by Jonathan Green: Stand 2-T95

The year is 2121. The apocalypse has been and gone.

Amidst the ruins of the old world, what is left of the human race fights for survival against gigantic, hyper-evolved Kaiju. Humanity's most effective weapons against the monsters are the colossal Mechs developed by the Guardian Programme.

In RONIN 47, YOU take on the role of Commander Oishi, a Samurai-class mech pilot and leader of Phoenix Squad.

When Deputy Director Kira turns traitor, killing Director Asano and stealing the new prototype Shogun-class mech, only YOU are left to pursue the villain and bring him to justice, battling all manner of heavily-armoured, and armed, mechs and mutated monsters along the way.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund production of RONIN 47 runs from midnight on Friday 16 July 2021 until 1:00pm BST on Sunday 15 August 2021.