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Exhibitor Spotlight: Mini Mysteries

8 April, 2022

Mini Mysteries is excited to present the next instalment of its play-at-home, family friendly, time travel escape room adventure: The Medieval Mishap, a follow up to the success of the first instalment, The Egyptian Enigma.

Open your mysterious envelope and you’ll find a world of adventure to explore. An agent from the secretive Ministry of Time has gone missing in medieval England, and it’s your job to solve puzzles, pore through diary entries, ancient maps and more to get to the bottom of it!

The puzzles are all beautifully designed and are made to be picked up, examined and played with – all made of paper and card and 100% recyclable. An online component featuring a soundtrack and illustrated characters voiced by some of the UK’s best comedians completes the immersive experience. It’s the best of digital and analogue, all in one!

It’s even (ssshh) educational! Each game in The Ministry of Time series is set in a different period of history, and features lots of puzzles and events that teach children all about the era the game is set in. The adults might even learn a fun fact or two!

Presenting The Medieval Mystery: order online or pick up your secret package in person at UK Games Expo 2022.

A world of puzzles and excitement is at your fingertips!

For ages 8+