Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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Exhibitor Spotlight: HWS Events

23 April, 2022

Find your next adventure with HWS.
Inspiration for your next quest.
Every game needs a story.
Buy a book to compliment your campaign.
Discover new authors…

HWS brings you Monsters, Demons, Angels, Gods, Spaceships, Dragons and so much more, in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books. Our stock is carefully chosen to accompany many popular games. We hope that it will allow you, as a player or GM, to deepen your appreciation of many game worlds or just to enjoy a really good book.

We will have details of upcoming HWS events including Lavecon 2022 and Fantasycon 2023. Also, we will have updates on plans for other future events, including World Fantasy Convention 2025.

Find us at Games Expo or online: