Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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Exhibitor Spotlight: Greater Than Games

1 June, 2022

Visit Greater Than Games in Hall 1 - Booth 852 to revisit some old favorites like Kill Doctor Lucky and Spirit Island, but be on the look out for some of our new games! You don't want to miss out on these titles and more that await you over at our booth. Stop by and see what the fun is all about!


Legends of Sleepy Hollow is a cooperative, story-based campaign game. As you progress through the game’s chapters, your characters gain skills, proficiencies, special relics, and items, becoming more powerful. You also reveal a story – and, like any good story of suspense, there are many secrets to be revealed…


First introduced in 2011, Sentinels of the Multiverse quickly became a fan-favorite comic book card game, and now is rereleased in this Definitive Edition! With more powerful heroes, fearsome villains, and dynamic environments than ever before, and introducing all new content, including “first appearance” hero character card variants and playable events from the history of Sentinel Comics!

You are a department head at Area 51, assigned to The Cube reconstruction project. Manipulate, move, tessellate, and plan as you work to rebuild the alien craft with your fellow department heads. You’re all working together to reactivate the ship, but only one of you can be the ship’s captain and interface with the companion AI! Which department will gain control over The Cube?