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Exhibitor Spotlight: GeeknSon

8 April, 2022

Geeknson is proud to have been a supporting sponsor of the UK Games Expo for several years now and the Geeknson team can’t wait to meet you all at the 2022 Show as well!

UKGE has always been a special event for Geeknson, giving them a unique opportunity to present their high quality hardwood gaming tables to hordes of board game lovers.

In today’s article we will give a brief history of their spectacular growth.

Geeknson was founded by Marcin, being a board game enthusiast, and Luke, being a fan of high quality furniture. It turned out that such a combination of characters, knowledge and experience made for a perfect match! It is incredible to think that their first booth at the UKGE, only eight years ago, could hold only one table and 2 chairs!

The first of their products to have been introduced at the UKGE turned out to be their best seller – DENIS – which won the hearts of their customers. The success of the Denis was quickly followed by the HENRY, the second of their custom tables.

Not only was the Geeknson Team expanding fast, but also their ideas. Their next step was to introduce the MEGAN series to the market, another great success.

Last year in UKGE they presented their ultimate custom made gaming table - VIRGO. It is a real dream come true to any RPG lover:

We also need to mention the BRISTOL– this table combines the beauty of real hardwood with the modern look of metal. Geeknson is in the midst of their Kickstarter Campaign fulfilment, deliveries in Europe being well underway. There will also be a chance to check this table out during UKGE 2022

Last but not least, Geeknson’s design team has recently successfully launched a new product – The ARCHIE, a modular and expandable gaming table.


It is an innovative table, fitted with Geeknson's groundbreaking PRO Gaming Chests and Tiles for maximal modularity of any game setup.

It is a great opportunity to see this table live during UKGE, whilst the pledge manager will still be running.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the team at: [email protected]