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Exhibitor spotlight: Dream Big Games and Clockwork Arcana

14 July, 2021
Dream Big Games
Dream Big Games

Dream Big Games: Wulvengrad Stand 2-938

Making its debut at UKGE, Wardens of Wulvengrad will be available to play all weekend - an immersive cooperative boss battling experience where players must use their wits and skills available to take down fearsome monsters!

Kingdom Death meets monster hunter in this cooperative boss battling experience, combining elements of hand and deck management, hex grid tactical positioning and bag building and destruction. Monsters are controlled through a 3 tier AI deck system: it only becomes deadlier as time progresses.

Do you have what it takes to bring your target down?

Test your mettle at stand 2-938, available all weekend.

Facebook: Dream Big Games

Clockwork Arcana
Clockwork Arcana

Clockwork Arcana: Stand 2-1019

Clockwork Arcana is a UK-based online retailer that creates, sources and sells high quality items designed to enhance your tabletop gaming experience.

All our dice bags, curios and hats are handmade in-house, and we carefully source our other items from trusted suppliers.

Our aim, from designing our bags to our packaging, is to help players immerse themselves in the worlds of their creation. Whether it's spell counters to keep track of your arcane mischief, leather bags to store your possessions in, or gemstone dice to help decide your character's fate, Clockwork Arcana will always have something to support you on your adventures.

Visit clockwork Arcana on stand 2-1019 or keep in touch here: