Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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Exhibitor spotlight: Dark Frontier Games and Hackett Games

4 July, 2021
Outbreak Game
Amass game

Dark Frontier Games: Stand 2-369

Dark Frontier Games: Meet the Designer, find out about crowdfunding and win prizes.

Over the weekend we will be demoing two of our new games Outbreak and Amass.

Outbreak is a zombie survival game and Amass is a competitive resource gathering game. Come and play both and chat to the designer.

Amass will be available on crowdfunding sites, right after UK Games Expo! We will also be holding competition with prizes over the weekend for the best Amass player.

Hackett Games Kickstarter
Hackett Games Kickstarter

Hackett Games: Stand 2-367

We will be at the Expo with our New to Back game, 13: Unlucky For Some, which is launching on Kickstarter on 13th July for 31 days so we will be mid campaign during the Expo.

We will have our prototypes with us for people to play at our stand so we are also in the “New to Try” category.

Our game is a chaotic board game that can be played by families or a group of adults and is different every game as it's based entirely on luck. It’s a roll & move game with marbles as the player pieces.

What makes our game unique? It isn’t your typical board! You play on the box and the spaces can slide out from beneath your marble sending your marble into the game and you go back to the start. It’s quick to learn, easy to play and will have people laughing and growling with excitement and frustration.

Check it out at or our Facebook page