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Exhibitor Spotlight: Alley Cat Games

21 April, 2022

Alley Cat Games brings you Autobahn, from acclaimed designers Fabio Lopiano and Nestore Mangone. Alley Cat Games may be best known for their family and gateway euros, but following on from the success of Martin Wallace’s Tinners’ Trail last year, they are now starting to add more complex euro games to their catalogue as the upcoming and as yet unannounced “Triple A Series”, and Autobahn is their most complex game to date.

Develop the iconic Autobahn of Germany in this economic strategy game. Over three eras, starting post-war and ending in modern times, you will build and upgrade sections of road; pick up and deliver goods; manage your hand of cards; jostle for control of the construction tables to maximise your budget; and promote your workers to earn victory points at the end of the game. These are the only points you will earn, so you will need to carefully plan and execute each of your actions, and manage your skill tree effectively if you want to succeed!

And be sure to keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing, as their actions can and will affect your choices.

With tough decisions to make, and multiple possible paths to victory, which strategy will you choose?

Autobahn is live now on Kickstarter! Back it during the campaign to receive exclusive mini expansions.

Please see below prototype images.