Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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Exhibitor Spotlight: Absolute Ascendancy

17 May, 2022

Welcome to Black Metro, a dystopian and chaotic city set in a deeply rich and highly integrated science-fiction universe, which you can engage via the strategically in-depth board game and fast-paced novella.

Black Metro - The Board Game is an exciting competitive area control game created by a new game designer, of medium complexity for 1-4 players, with a gameplay time of 30 minutes per player.

You have been chosen as a potential candidate to become the next ruler of the dark city through a succession tournament! Using your personnel, acquire resources to research technologies, build fortifications and promote your personnel – all with the aim of acquiring the most power to claim the title deed to Black Metro. However, your competitors share the same goal!

Only one can occupy the throne. Will it be you?

Battle your friends in this game of candidacy for the throne.

Black Metro - The Successor is a dystopian sci-fi novella set in an intriguing dark city, with an engaging action-driven plot where the protagonist is motivated by validation. Written by a new author, it explores themes such as:

  • The advancement of technology and its implications on warfare
  • Acknowledging weakness and responding to it constructively
  • The contrasting of science and the profound
  • The perception of strength of individuals and global powers
  • The concept of change and where it should originate to better the world

Please visit Absolute Ascendancy’s stall to purchase a copy of the book and demo the game!

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