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Exciting new roleplaying game release...

13 August, 2020
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Pegasus Spiele is excited to announce the release of an exciting new roleplaying game set in the world of Talisman: The Magical Quest Game. The Talisman Adventures Fantasy Roleplaying Game allows you to explore the world of Talisman in new ways, creating your own characters and telling your own stories.

The game board has been set aside, replaced by a map, dice, and your imagination. You and your friends can now forge your destiny and discover the world on your terms.

Explore magical forests, climb impossible mountains, and delve into deadly dungeons in search fame, glory and magnificent treasures!

Begin your adventures as any of ten classes (assassin, druid, minstrel, priest, prophet, scout, sorcerer, thief, warrior, or wizard) and seven ancestries (elf, dwarf, human, ghoul, leywalker, troll, and sprite).

The Talisman Adventures rules are fast-paced and easy to learn and feature the new 3D Adventures rules set. With these rules, the players take the lead and determine the action as their characters explore magical new lands, encounter enigmatic strangers, and do battle against terrible monsters. The core rulebook provides a multitude of enemies, strangers, followers, mysterious locations, and magic items to include in your adventures. Forbidden knowledge and fabulous treasures–perhaps even the fabled Talisman of the Great Wizard–await the daring and heroic.

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