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Ecofactory – the latest investment of Fabryka Kart

1 September, 2020
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Ecofactory – the latest investment of Fabryka Kart

Innovative, ecological, ground-breaking - this is what the ecofactory is like - the latest investment of Fabryka Kart (

Thanks to our factory, the company is the first in the world to offer its customers the production of environmentally friendly board games and playing cards.

Our innovative ecofactory is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly solution. In addition to a photovoltaic system, which uses solar energy, it has also been supplied with gas heat pumps, and we have also decided to use rainwater in sanitary systems.

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The whole investment was made in the "Green Factory” variant. Certified as GOOD according to BREEAM.

This means that during the construction of the ecofactory we used, among others, local suppliers and subcontractors.

Thanks to this, we have shortened the time to get to the construction site and reduced the emission of exhaust gas into the atmosphere.

Moreover, the construction of the ecofactory did not have a negative impact on the tree stand, soil and surface and underground waters, and all the systems, materials and elements used have the legally prescribed approvals, certificates, attestations and other required documents of approval for use.

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Environmental care is not only yours, but also our common benefit, which is why we have equipped the ecofactory with innovative machines to optimise production processes.

This, combined with the appropriate raw materials and components, allows us to prepare unique, environmentally friendly games for you.


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