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Dragonmeet returns in December

12 November, 2021

Dragonmeet this year is the largest it’s ever been, and the best place to come for all your Christmas gaming gifts.

This year we have two full trade halls, more stands than we’ve ever had before, and with the additional space that we’ve taken on (every bit of exhibition space), we’re also introducing a number of features that we’ve never had at Dragonmeet before:

A board games library being supplied by Ludoquist of Croydon, Large Demo games area where designers and publishers are going to be showing their new games coming up, and Playtest UK returning to help everyone with the games they’re designing.

Most importantly, a large open gaming space to play all the demo and library games that are going to be there.

Three separate tracks of entertainment on the mezzanine level including live shows, and a full podcastzone of creatives.

An entire floor dedicated to RPG’s, including specialist rooms hosted by the London D&D Meetup, No More Damsels, and RP Haven.

And two show exclusives

GeeknSon are coming to the show for the first time with the prototypes for their new RPG accessories, they’ll be looking for feedback from everyone who’s there and taking new ideas for the premium accessories you’ve always dreamed of.

Dragonmeet has collaborated with DnDice this year to produce the official Dragonmeet dice, a full set of sharp edged polyhedrals in the Dragonmeet colours of translucent purple with gold flecks, with the Dragons of Dragonmeet on the 20.

The full list of everything that we’re doing can be found at, tickets for the show can be booked at

We look forwards to seeing you there.

John and Chris