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Crews of Eridanus - Kickstarter

9 March, 2022

Crews of Eridanus is now live on Kickstarter. It is a sandbox style, spacefaring game of exploration and adventure for 1–6 players, ages 14+. Playing time is normally 2 hours.

Your adventure starts in the year 3704 in the Esmar system, where the star gate was recently destroyed by an unseen enemy. The loss of the gate has cut off interstellar commerce and has been a heavy blow to the system’s economy. Piracy is on the rise, menacing trade and travel across the system.

You have been appointed Captain of a corvette spaceship, tasked to restore order to the system. You have a newly-graduated Cadet as an assistant, but to deal with the pirates and other hazards you’ll need to hire a larger crew.

As you explore, you can fund operations by carrying passengers, trading cargo, mining resources, exploring wrecks and hunting pirates. After a pre-determined number of rounds have been played, you will be faced with the reappearance of the mysterious enemy that destroyed the star gate. If you are successful in stopping this enemy, whoever has the most Victory Points is the winner.

Assemble the best crew and captain them to victory in Crews of Eridanus!

Meeple University says, “This has all of the hallmarks of a classic exploration and adventure game, with a neat movement mechanic which takes the luck out of travel. The unique crew-building mechanism gives players the flexibility to play the game which suits their strategy best!”

See below for Kickstarter link

Crews of Eridanus - Kickstarter