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CATAN Studio with new games, pin badges and tournaments.

31 July, 2020
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CATAN Studio with new games, pin badges and tournaments.

CATAN Studio is proud to be a major sponsor of Virtually Expo in 2020.

We want to thank the UKGE organizers for their hard work and leadership for making hard decisions and finding new and innovative ways for everyone to share their love of tabletop games safely.

Be sure to check out our stand in the Virtual Trade Hall! Here are some more things to watch for:

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Coming Soon | CATAN – Legend of the Conquerors

Cities & Knights fans, prepare to meet your newest challenge. CATAN – Legend of the Conquerors is an epic three-chapter scenario that takes everything you love about Cities & Knights to the next level.

It’s the most intense challenge for CATAN ever designed. Releasing in the UK in September!

Follow the developer’s blog written by Klaus Teuber here.

We’ll be sharing demos of this game using a combination of Tabletopia and Zoom.

If you can’t make it to the demos, we will have recorded versions available, as well!

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Support a Retailer, Get a Pin Badge!

To commemorate the release of Legend of the Conquerors, we designed a Cities & Knights pin badge that you can only get from participating retailers.

Purchase a CATAN game and they will include this adorable Knight Sheep pin badge with your order.

Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates about this promotion.

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Online CATAN Tournament with Mind Sports Olympiad

Unfortunately, CATAN Studio cannot host official online qualifying or championship tournaments, we are happy to be supporting Mind Sports Olympiad, who will be hosting an unofficial tournament using the Catan Universe platform on 23 August, with a $150 gift card prize provided by CATAN Studio.

Get more information and sign up here.

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