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Box Dungeon: developed with pure accessibility in mind

16 February, 2021
Box Dungeon

We spoke to Aden Ng creator of Box Dungeon on the UKGE's Twitch channel to find out more about how he has designed his new minimalist roleplaying game to have huge variety whilst appealing to not only a novice of RPGs, but also to make it accessible to those who otherwise might otherwise not have the confidence to play or DM:

"Box Dungeon was developed with pure accessibility in mind.

Being a person within the mental health community, both as a patient and an advocate, Aden Ng has seen how tabletop RPGs could help people heal their confidence and grow socially.

But the barrier of entry is incredibly daunting, with large number sets, expansive books, and an obligation to role-play being too much noise to sieve through.

For those with poor short term memories, inability to concentrate, or performance anxiety, this can be daunting.

Box Dungeon

3 sets of cards and stat blocks for character creations lets people choose which information to focus on and when to do so.

A concentrated character board negates the need to scour books and flip through character sheets.

When a player needs a change in play style, they simply look in their hands and discuss with other players, trade equipment, and share levels, making social interactions and assistance an integrated part of the gameplay and character creation process.

Box Dungeon

Lacking predefined traits, players choose who they want to be without restrictions on class, race, alignments, or even personalities.

Players with difficulty role-playing can simply be themselves, with mathematically balanced cards alleviating worries of characters being deemed ineffective.

None of this means the game cannot live up to its predecessors. With a short leash for the dungeon master on rules, it gives DMs the chance to explore their creativity and make every adventure truly their own".

Find out more about Box Dungeon on Kickstarter now.