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Bored at Home? Play Happy Baobab’s Boardgames!

11 August, 2020

Bored at Home? Play Happy Baobab’s Boardgames!

Happy Baobab, a leading Korean boardgame company, is releasing 6 new games at UKGE 2020.

My Funny Dinos

My Funny Dinos: Excavating and restoring the coolest dinosaurs of your own!

When excavating, be careful so rocks don’t fall. Also, make sure to accomplish missions for extra points!

Alien Express:

Alien Express: Molding and delivering the most up-and-coming objects from the Earth!

Real-time clay making and guessing.

It’s party time!

Dali the Fox:

Dali the Fox: Go or stop?

Push your luck!

Roll dice and choose the coloured eggs from the egg warehouse to paint on!

But watch out for the farmer who is protecting his eggs.

9 Figure:

9 Figure: Using your observation and intuition, look at the picture cards after rolling dice and quickly grab the correct figure of a certain colour and figure!

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