Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022

Black Lives Matter.

11 June, 2020
UK Games Expo.

UK Games Expo has always taken the stance that it does not take political or religious positions as it is important to include everyone. 

However, Richard and I have been discussing if UKGE should make a statement as far as the Black Lives Matter movement is concerned for the past weeks.  We both feel that this has moved beyond politics and is a matter of human decency. 

Today brought the news of the cancellation of Origins Online, run by the US industry body GAMA. 

The UK has no such body, but UKGE does bring together many of those who love gaming in the UK and Europe.  As such we do feel some responsibility to say something.

We would like to state clearly the important truth that Black Lives Matter.  The BAME community has made their voice heard and silent agreement is no agreement at all.   So we say again Black Lives Matter and we will do what we can to help and promote a society that demands that things must change.

Tony Hyams and Richard Denning (UKGE Directors).