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Best New Dice Game!

21 July, 2021

Best New Dice Game!

Escape the Dark Castle

Play the game nominated for BEST NEW DICE GAME this UK Games Expo at Themeborne booth 2-301

The second game in the Escape the Dark series, Escape the Dark Sector takes the atmospheric adventures of its predecessor Escape the Dark Castle and casts them into the uncharted abyss of deep space. The game has also recently received the coveted Dice Tower Seal of Approval!

Escape the Dark Castle

Designed for newcomers and experienced players alike, Escape the Dark Castle is a simple, sci-fi adventure game with a focus on atmosphere, storytelling, and player cooperation – all presented in a style evocative of retro classics. It takes 2 minutes to set up, lasts around 45 minutes, and each adventure is randomly generated so no two games are ever the same.

Escape the Dark Sector

Playing as the crew of an impounded starship, players find themselves confined to the brig of a vast space station. Using a variety of advanced gear and weaponry, they will embark on a perilous mission to find their ship and blast their way home.

Along the way, the crew will have to overcome a variety of dangers, traps, and terrors. From malfunctioning security systems to killer alien organisms, with each challenge represented by a large, lavishly illustrated chapter card.

Sector uses the same core game engine as its predecessor Escape the Dark Castle, but adds several new gameplay features including ranged combat, an array of tactical actions, and cybernetic implants.

Can YOU Escape the Dark?

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