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Asmodee Major Sponsors of Virtually Expo

13 July, 2020
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We welcome Asmodee as Major sponsors of the UKGE's Virtually Expo.

Asmodee are the umbrella company and you may well have played demos on their stands at the physical Expo. This is what they had to say about sponsoring the Virtually Expo:

"From humble beginnings in hotel function rooms to an experience spanning several halls of the NEC, UK Games Expo has always felt special.

In a lot of ways, we at Asmodee UK have grown with the show, and our commitment to supporting it has only grown since.

In 2019 we brought over 100 different games, 150 staff and around a dozen crates of foam Dobble hands!"

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"2020 has been a year of great uncertainty but, from the outset, we’ve been in agreement with the team at UK Games Expo that it’s the people that make the event special - so their safety has to come first.

When we heard that Richard, Tony and their team were looking to run Virtually Expo we were eager to be involved.

For years, they have striven to provide a time and a place for the gaming community to come together, so really it was no surprise to hear that a global pandemic wasn’t going to stop them!"

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"From the outset, we knew we wanted to bring as much of the fantastic and unique atmosphere of UK Games Expo to the virtual event.

Just as we would at the regular show, we’re bringing our great games and amazing stories, from a whole range of the publishers that we represent in the UK.

There’ll be opportunities to play games and have product demos; exclusive interviews and Q&A sessions to enjoy; prizes to win and digital spaces to discuss games while you chat with old friends or make new ones.

We can’t wait to play at Virtually Expo!"

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To find out more about Asmodee's games and the companies under their umbrella have a look here:

Fantasy Flight Games:

Day of Wonder:

Z-man :

Atomic Mass

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