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Are you missing the legendary UKGE Bring & Buy in 2020?

9 August, 2020
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Are you missing the legendary UKGE Bring & Buy in 2020?

Are you missing the sad loss of the legendary UK Games Expo Bring & Buy in 2020?

Feeling the urge to browse through 3rd edition D&D supplements, or go back to your roots with AD&D?

To finally stumble over that Call of Cthulhu adventure that you saw once in a tiny games shop and never found again?

The Shop on the Borderlands sells a vast range of second hand and out of print roleplaying and board games. Every week we add more classic roleplaying material of many different kinds, from the collectable 70's to the great classic adventures, to that one supplement that skirts the edges of sanity.  All safely online, with free UK shipping on all orders over £20 (and yes, we ship worldwide too.)

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Have a browse

We don’t show you stock photos – instead we take detailed photos of each item, no matter how popular, weird, obscure or odd, so you can see exactly what the condition is like.  Come over to the Borderlands and have a browse here.

We have a huge range of D&D, all editions.

Or perhapsCall of Cthulhu or Pathfinder is more your speed?

Or maybe Traveller?

Rummage through our Sale Items and grab a board game or RPG bargain!

Need inspiration? Second hand Sci fi, fantasy & horror novels.

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