Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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Alley Cat Games return as Associate Sponsors

9 December, 2021

Alley Cat Games have returned as Associate Sponsors of UK Games Expo. They have supported the show for a number of years now which is greatly appreciated.

Their games are innovative and accompanied by interesting mechanics and well fleshed out themes. Despite previously being a GP for 27 years though, UKGE director, Richard still usually ends up with very poorly little dice patients in Dice Hospital!

We asked Alley Cat Games to say a few words about their sponsorship and their plans for the show:

Alley Cat Games is very proud to be back as an associate sponsor of UKGE 2022.
After the move to an online convention in 2020 we were so excited to be back to a physical convention in 2021; attending UKGE again felt like coming home and as we return to normality we’re incredibly excited for UKGE 2022, which will be bigger and better than ever.
We can’t wait to welcome you to our stand at UKGE 2022!
Play out latest releases:
Dice Theme Park - Compete to run the best theme park as you draft customers (represented by dice) and activate them to move them around the park with the unique ‘dice cascading’ mechanism. Place your meeples and use their skills to pull off exhilarating combos!
In Eternal Palace, you have pledged to help the Emperor restore their palace to its former glory. Group your dice and visit the locations to hire advisors and help rebuild the palace. As you visit the locations you’ll create a unique painting to commemorate the occasion.
Dice Hospital ER: Emergency Roll is a quick and puzzley Roll & Write set in the Dice Hospital universe. Draft patients into your hospital and combine them with the abilities of ambulances to score points and achieve the objectives set out by your medical team.
Try our upcoming games:
We’ll also have preview copies of our upcoming games Star Fighters, Autobahn, and a soon to be announced reprint from Reiner Knizia, as well as prototypes of some other upcoming games so there’s lots to be excited about. We can’t wait to see you there! "